Meet Our Staff

Ronald S. Sinker - Owner/Manager

Married to Nanete Alonso, born in the Philippines, blessed with a 12 yr old daughter Ronna Angelica Sinker.

Successor of Dr Robert Sinker who owned Potomac Village Pharmacy in 1979 to 2004, Glen Echo Pharmacy in 1994 to 2006

Kurt Joehl

1998 to Current as Pharmacist, married with 2 girls .

Rafael Magalona

2008 up to Current as Pharma Tech, single and a migrant from the Philippines.

Yen Nguyen

2009 up to current as pharm tech, married with 3 sons. Migrated from Vietnam.

Arsema Abate

2014 up to current as Pharmacist. Married to an Economist, blessed with 3 children and Migrated from Ethiopia in 1990.

Kyong Eun Chung

2014 up to current as Pharmacist, married to a Dentist and with 3 sons. Migrated from Korea.