What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"This has been around since I was a kid 40 years ago. Nice local shop!"

"Glen Echo Pharmacy is the complete opposite of the local DC area corporate pharmacies...in a very good way. They'e always willing to help, and sometimes - just step outside and talk with you if you have questions regarding what you're taking and why you've been prescribed it."

"There are many pharmacies to choose from but the customer service at Glen Echo is purely exceptional. I get all my mothers medications there and they personally call me when they have questions before they fill complicated prescriptions. The owner (I think) had even personally delivered medicine when my mom needed it right away. I trust them because they are honest and always try to get the best prices. And if you need OTC stuff in a pinch they'll deliver that too. I give this place the highest recommendation due to their caring attitude toward the geriatric crowd."

"Great neighborhood pharmacy. Will go to all lengths to accommodate customers. Extremely friendly and always ready to help with any problems you're having with insurance companies, etc. This is what pharmacies should be."

"Friendly, helpful, local business. What else can you ask for!"

"The RX costs are literally the same as most corporate stores, and I can't say enough good things about the entire staff there from the evening - on. Kurt, Raffy, Ann (a real sweetheart that cares), Kiani (hope I spelled that right), and store owner Ron all make me first priority when they don't have to. Every single time. Never can say that about any other pharmacy I've been to before.'

"This is a true mom and pop store. The owner could not be more helpful. It is so worth it to go here over a chain. They work with you and your insurance if there is an issue. Yes, sometimes they do not have the item but the order it quickly. Yes, sometimes you have to wait more than an hour for your Rx but they know you. I would not go to any other drug store and they deliver too!"

"I'm extremely happy with this neighborhood pharmacy and use them for my entire family's needs. Ron and his team of pharmacists knows our medications, is able to answer questions, or find answers when he doesn't know, works well with our doctors, and is able to resolve issues with our quirky insurance company as they arise. They've been good in past, and continue to be."

You can help Glen Echo Pharmacy by leaving a great review on Google and Yelp - thank you!